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The table below shows the company name, the industry in which the company operates, the country in which the company is based, and the date of the report.

Company Name/Report Industry Country Report Date
Grupo Concesionario del Oeste S.A.
English | Spanish
Construction / Engineering Argentina 2009-12
Retail Argentina 2009-12
Agriculture Peru 2009-11
Integrated Oil / Gas Colombia 2009-11
Energy Colombia 2009-11
Financial Peru 2009-11
Financial Mexico 2009-10
Beverages Mexico 2009-10
Steel Mexico 2009-10
Environmental Services Mexico 2009-10
Supplies & Fixtures Mexico 2009-10
Retail / Department Stores Mexico 2009-10
Mining Peru 2009-10
Real Estate Peru 2009-08
Energy Peru 2009-08
Ambulance Services Peru 2009-08
Agriculture Peru 2009-08
Zinc Products Peru 2009-07
Creditex Apparel / Accessories Peru 2009-04
Instituto Rosenbush
| Spanish
Primary, Animal Health,
Argentina 2009-03


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